Step out into the gardens to relax with sipping morning tea in the company of the birds while gazing at the majestic Himalayan mountains...

Tumsong Unlimited Outdoor Activities

Tumsong Tea Retreat provides various activites for the guests on a regular basis. This treasure-trove of Tumsong Tea Retreat is undoubtedly the fact that India encompasses almost all the ecosystems ranging from the evergreen forests of the north-east to the greenery of the Tumsong Tea Estate.

  • Birding
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Riverside Picnic and Camping
  • Treking
  • Plantation Walk
Birding and Bird watching

Tumsong Chiabari Tea Estate is a heaven for Indian birds and a delight for people who like to get up in the morning to the sound of chirping birds, simply a nature’s paradise. The landscape at Tumsong Chiabari Tea Estate is magical filled with fresh air, crisp breeze, misting rain all come together in a wonderland where the tea grows with a finer flavour than anywhere else in the world.

The variations of altitude, diversity of habitat, and extreme precipitation are factors which are responsible for the diversity and abundance of resident birds in Tumsong Chiabari Tea Estate region.


Ready to conquer the great outdoors on a Hike Day? Hiking encompasses everything from taking a quick walk in the woods to climbing major mountains with a 40-pound pack. Hiking with us involves the less-intense side of the scale — we’re talking day hikes with a small backpack.

We cover everything you need to know about hiking, from how to dress and what to carry to, where to go and how to handle unexpected emergencies. We have guide who will help you in your hiking and will guide you throughout your activities. Enjoy the remarkable beauty of Tumsong Tea estate through hiking with us.


Tumsong Tea Garden is the ultimate destination for tourist and adventure lovers. Set amidst a picturesque landscape surrounded by low hills carpeted with tea bushes our Garden is perhaps one of best in Darjeeling for biking with a visit to the factory to see the tea processing and plucking of tea leaves and also tea tasting.

Tourist having fondness of adventure can engage themselves in a beautiful natural landscape. In the evening a campfire can be arranged with an ethnic dance performance by the tribal garden workers with their traditional instruments. If you want to savor the splendor of nature, come to Tumsong Tea Retreat as the place is unique and offers the ultimate seclusion.

  • Best Time - March to May & October to February
  • Monsoon - June to September

  • River Side Picnic and Camping

    If you are searching for a nice riverside destination in an exotic tea estate to de-stress yourself, then Tumsong Chiabari would be an ideal choice. An hour’s comfortable drive across the green tea fields from the city’s heart would take you to this beautiful destination on the banks of the river surrounded by endless panoramic beauty.

    Deep in the tea estate, at the side of a River, guests enjoy a delightful picnic lunch basket amidst the tranquil surroundings of the Chiabari. This Tumsong chiabari sector is well known for its scenic beauty and Tea Gardens and a traveler can find many spectacular hidden spots.


    Tumsong Chiabari with pristine landscapes of slopped tea gardens, natural forests, and a unique culture, offers a brisk walk in the tea garden, short treks along gentle slopes, or a trudge into the nearby woods. Tumsong Chiabari Retreat has a separate wing for ecotourism, angling, birding, trekking, tea tourism.

    Tourists having fondness of adventure can engage themselves in a beautiful natural landscape. If you want to savor the splendor of nature, come to Tumsong Tea Retreat as the place is unique and offers the ultimate seclusion.

    Plantation Walk

    Over the years, tea tourism in India has gained immense popularity among globetrotters.
    We have developed a new tea tourism site near Darjeeling and is looking forward to some real time activities. Visit to Tea Factory to watch the production, joining the tea tasting session even going round the tea estate along with the locals and the factory with one of the process executive to brief you about the process.

    Tumsong Tea estate well on its way to marking the occasion by turning fully bio-organic by using the latest techniques on improving the quality. Our flagship garden, Tumsong is one of the first tea estates which holds a very special place in the hearts of the visitors.