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Welcome to Tumsong Retreat

The World over, whenever those of discerning taste wish to relax and unwind, they take a tea break at Darjeeling. This website welcomes our viewers the glorious Darjeeling organic tea life to savour in all its old world charm. Where the weather is always crisp and the air is pure, the tea life is not just a heavenly slice of nature but also a colonial bungalow to live and enjoy impeccable service and breathtaking cusine to savour.

Tea estate tour is a relatively new concept in the world and Darjeeling is taking a lead in this area. And why not? Darjeeling is after all the Mecca of organic tea and sprawling estates producing what we know as the "Champagne of Teas" to the delight of the world. There are 80 odd operational tea gardens in Darjeeling that span across thousands of acres of land area on open hill slopes. An always crisp weather, pure and clean air, innumerable clear mountain streams and a sun that pours liquid gold onto the fertile and luxuriant hills—these are the vital ingredients that make Tumsong Chiabari Tea Estate a tea without equal, and a taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else on Earth. Volatile flavor constituents in chaibari's tea are 3 times more compared to other teas. To your taste buds, this translates to an incomparable burst of the distinctive Darjeeling muscatel flavor that comes from the rich soil of the enchanted land where this tea grows.

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Tumsong Chiabari - Tumsong, the first of the Chiabari Tea Retreat to be open to the public.   Chamong Chiabari -(Opened shortly - click to view)

Our services

Indoor Activities

Indoor Activities

Our guests can engage themselves in various indoor leisure items like billards, camp fire, housie, Bar-B-Q to make themselves feel at home.

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Outdoor Activities

Tumsong offers a route for birding, hiking, biking, riverside picnic and camping, plantation walk, angling, trekking to experience our panoramic Tea Garden.

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Day Tour

Tumsong Chiabari Retreat has a separate wing for ecotourism and day package tour which includes tea tourism, factory visit, plantation walk and Darjeeling day tour.

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Speciality Tea

Tumsong Chiabari's teas are known to be among the best in the Darjeeling area and the first credit goes to the goddess Tamsa, on whose land the garden grows.